Wednesday, April 25, 2012

iCleaner To Clean iPhone Junk And Obsolete Files

There is Cydia package, named iCleaner, judging only by its name it was designed to clean your iPhone's stomach which is probably filled with files that you don't need. As time goes on, more and more files whatever they are, might be are occupying our iPhone space.

Unfortunately not all of those files stored inside our iPhone are useful, in many cases we don't use them anymore simply because we don't need right now as we did before, or facing technical reasons like the files are not updated by developers to which are not compatible with the current OS, or it's overwhelmed with cache, browser history and cookies produced by our browsing activities.

iCleaner is a free Cydia app developed by Exile.90 that clean those unused and obsolete files which collected over time. As the result it effects to your iPhone's performance, like its speedy and of course your iPhone's space. This application reminds us with the Windows or Mac OS X cleaner app, namely CCleaner to cleans junk files that are collected time-by-time and eat our free and valuable space.

And these are the files that iCleaner cleans or is capable to remove:

  • Safari cookies, browsing history, cache files
  • Application WebClip caches, cookies, temporary files, snapshots, in-depth application file cleanup (useful/important information isn't touched)
  • Log files and crash reports
  • System cache files and databases
  • System temporary files

Aside of the above abilities, iCleaner is also armed with a smart scanner that can smartly detect certain applications installed on your iOS device, like Twitter and Facebook also Instagram, to constantly place fair share of files to your iPhone's space. It will cleanse the unused in-depth files from those apps, which increasing loading speeds.

Once this iCleaner app installed, an new app will appear on your Springboard, in order for a quick launching by clicking on it. And after it is entirely finished cleaning the obsolete files, you will be recommended to respring your iPhone upon completion.

Interested? You can grab iCleaner for free under the BigBoss repository now!


hellow, Dón't open on the screen already download on my 3gs iphone 5.1

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