Thursday, April 5, 2012

How To Manually Uninstall Unstable Cydia Tweak App Without Opening Cydia

If your iPhone is experiencing a constantly crashing Springboard and Cydia can't be opened, well the situation is likely to happen frequently when you installed a Cydia app or tweak that is not compatible with your device model or an iOS firmware your device is running on. And you need to uninstall the app that creates the mess.

But unfortunately you are unable to launch Cydia to uninstall the unstable and unsupported app or tweak, but don't worry there is a workaround for that problem. You can manually uninstall the incompatible tweak package in safe mode. Below is the steps to do so.


Manually uninstall Unstable Cydia Tweak or App without opening Cydia.

Go to SBSettings, then click on power on the bottom-right, you are opened up to
power off
"safe mode"
and lock.
And the SBSettings can be opened on the lockscreen too, therefore you don't have to unlock the iPhone or iPod anyway.

Hope this post helps and see you again in another posts.


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