Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Display 100 Sites On Each Google Result Page

Feeling that the general Google search result which only shows 10 sites on each result page is incomplete? You can have 100 sites if you want, using the Google Chrome extension called, gInfinity.

This extension will display 100 sites all in one single result page for the keyword information you typed on Google.

This will help us much to easily find information we seek by simply scrolling down our mouse to the page's bottom till the 100th sites.

And find the sites that are supposed to be placed on the second, third pages, so on if using normal search.  After gInfinity installed to Chrome you will have 100 sites appear on every result page each time you search information.
Google Chrome Extension, gInfinity
If you want your Google result page displays 100 sites at once and loads the next 20 result pages each time you scroll down to the bottom of the search result, then use your Google Chrome browser and hit this gInfinity extension link here.


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