Friday, March 16, 2012

Download iPadian to Brings iPad-Like Interface On Windows Desktop

There is a free and open source Windows application namely iPadian, you can download for free if you want to have iOS environment appears on your Windows computer. This app will offer your Windows desktop a several iPad applications and all of them compiled in an iPad-like interface.

Albeit it sounds promising, iPadian suffers limitations to bring all the goodies from Apple to your PC, for example you will not find the Apple App store within it. It's understandable because the developer won't risk himself for copyright infringement.

Therefore you are left with the available feature provided in iPadian, but don't worry, there is iPadian's own custom app store as alternative. However there are not plenty of options for app there, according a review I red previously there are only 8 apps listed on Games category currently.

Again it's understandable considering iPadian is still in the early stages of release, it will likely be a lot better by the time the newer version of the app released in the future.

Anyway, interested to download iPadian? You can download the app from Google project page here.


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