Thursday, March 15, 2012

Download iFaith 1.4.2 To Downgrade From iOS 5.1 To Previous iOS Versions For Windows

If you want to save SHSH blobs for downgrading iOS purpose then you can download iFaith, this Windows only application just received update now you can download iFaith 1.4.2 to downgrade from iOS 5.1 to 5.0.1 / 5 / 4.3.1 and it make you able to build iOS firmware files with the saved SHSH blobs, to finally downgrade back to the firmware of your choice.

iFaith 1.4.2 can is also bringing support for Apple TV 4.4.4 and bug fixes for iOS detection, also all the bugs reported from the previous version. A side of those mentioned goodies offer by this latest version, you can also save SHSH files to your PC, put your iOS device into PWNED DFU mode, download SHSH blobs from your computer server.

iFaith 1.4.2 SHSH

You can download iFaith 1.4.2 from this link.

You can also use Redsn0w 0.9.10b5 to downgrade from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.


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