Saturday, January 7, 2012

Samsung Releases iOS App: ChatOn Messenger

Samsung just brought their dedicated chat messenger app to iOS device, ChatOn Messenger is its name, people consider as their latest attempt to dab Apple's domination, as the two companies relationship is spooky lately about patent issue.

Personally I think the app's release is not their hostile gesture against Apple, to iMessage I mean. Samsung has finally realized (at last) the importance of having a fully dedicated chat service.

Firstly make the app available for their own devices -- and then spread the app to others, as ChatOn Messenger can be found in Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Seeing the success of Blackberry Messenger, has made the Korean based company woke up to provide almost service and finally or at least tight their customers to use their device.

Now they make it available as the iOS app, they want iPhone users feel what they offer and who knows they turn their head toward Samsung based phones. Well everything is possible, though this one looks simply premature and narrow thought, but again everything is possible.

If you interested having this free ChatOn Messenger installed to your device, then visit this iTunes Link.

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. And requires iOS 4.2 or higher.


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