Saturday, January 21, 2012

Install Android ICS Based CM9 To HP TouchPad

Do you want to port or install Android Ice Cream Sandwich based on CM9 to your HP Touchpad? Sure you can, as the nice man of Android developers from Cyanogen team have made it possible to do so.

Previously the device received the CM7 running on Android 2.3, looks like they never get enough to serve Android community with something good to 'eat'.

However this ROM is still in Alpha stage, that means it's far from complete, don't use it for daily usage, but take it as test to enjoy the mediocre features of ICS for your TouchPad. Anyway let's install CM 9 Android ICS on HP TouchPad.

Android ICS CM9 HP TouchPad

Things you need:

Step 1. Place the ACMEInstaller to the same directory you put Novacom files.

Step 2. Plug your computer with your HP touchpad, then enable USB mass storage mode, simply tap the USB notification.

Step 3. Make a new folder inside your ToucPad using an explorer tool, then name the folder cminstall, and then put all the files you have downloaded in the step 2 above -- don't extract the files, just put them in the folder.

Step 4. Restart your HP TouchPad, after it restarted, hold the volume button for a while until your screen becomes dark, immediately hold the volume up button until a big USB icon appears on your device screen.

Step 5. Now click Start > search cmd on your PC. And then type cd: \ , you will be taken to root directory. Type dir to access the entire directories list.

Step 6. In My Computer, search for cd Program Files and then ENTER, continue with search cd Palm, Inc and then ENTER.

Step 7. Enter novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 in the command prompt (See the step 6 above for example).

You will find out the text running lines on your screen device. Wait until the process finish. Once it does, boot into Moboot. Another options, you can boot into CyanogenMod by pressing Home button.

And that's all you have installed Android ICS based CM9 to your HP TouchPad.

Via XDA Forum Developers.


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