Friday, January 20, 2012

Fix Camera Roll Empty Error Establishing Database Connection After Untethered JB With Absinthe

Have you download untethered jb Absinthe to untethered jailbreak A5 devices(iPhone 4s, iPad 2)? If you have, and you are currently experiencing with bugs -- like camera roll empty, or error establishing a database connection -- found like others users who have jailbreak their A5 with Absinthe. Then this post will help.
Oke here are the workaround to fix Camera empty and error establishing database connection after untethered jb with Absinthe:

First bug: If the jailbreak is not complete, camera roll is empty. Rerun the Absinthe app once to fix, and then another time to complete jb.

Second bug: Or you find another bug which is server is down and getting an error message: establishing a database connection:
  • Firstly turn off your iPhone 4s, iPad 2 passcode, before running Absinthe. 
  • Then you need to press the Settings icon on homescreen and set the VPN to ON (but before turn it to ON, remove any existing VPN configuration except "Jailbreak) and you will receive error, just wait and your device will take an automatic reboot (press power and home together to force reboot if it doesn't reboot automatically. 
  • After your A5 rebooted, run Absinthe app again, if still doesn't work, then reboot it again. That should work.
Having trouble with Abisnthe white screen page?

Hope this workaround helps you.


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