Friday, January 20, 2012

Fix Absinthe White Screen (Page)

Want to fix Absinthe White Screen (Page)? Here is another fix you probably need if you are experiencing the Absinthe icon white page, this happens when your tap Absinthe icon on your A5 screen then you get the white screen. The VPN toggle does not fix the bug.

Absinthe White Screen
Some users say that is happening because of a PIN Lock you use. So to fix Absinthe icon white screen or white page, is deleteing email account and then disabling the PIN lock and then re-run the jailbreak, afterward Set VPN toggle to ON mode. That should fix the Absinthe white screen.

And alternative solution, albeit the above is reported to able to solved problem for some users, but there are others who didn't make it. So the alternative solution is.

1. Without deleting email accounts, but still disable PIN,
2. Close the Absinthe app, then rerun it,
3. You will see another white screen but don't panic, now set VPN to ON, then reboot,
4. Aha! Cydia shows up now.
5. Means your iPhone 4s is jailbroken!

Via: MacRumors Forum.

And if you are experiencing the white icon errors on springboard after jailbreaking iOS 5 with Absinthe, the fix is simply pick one free application from Cydia, install and then run it. This should fix the problem temporarily. However it is recommended to re-jailbreak your A5 device, as the Absinthe is recently updated to v0.2 that supports Windows too.

Anyway have download Absinthe 0.1.2-2? And jailbreak iPhone 4s, iPad 2 untethered using Absinthe?


Finally! This worked for me! I didn't have a pin lock, but after I deleted the email accounts, turning the VPN switch reset the device. It's wasn't working before I deleted the email accounts. Thanks!

Lots of people are saying you need to redo the jailbreak all over again after trying VPN ON. I didn't.

For me, I got the white screen hang. I closed Absinthe app via multitasking, turned off passcode. Reopened Absinthe app. Same problem. Then I closed again via multitasking. Turned VPN on. It came up about something to do with configuration. I closed the notification, opened Absinthe app. Then the iPhone went black suddenly with a loading spinner on screen. It booted back up - Jailbroken! :-)

No you just turn vpn on if it's off then it shuts down restarts and has an apple logo with progress bar

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