Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How To Dual Boot HTC HD2 To Get Android

Is in your hand still holding HTC HD2? Then you will likely be happy and like to hear this news that you can dual boot your HTC HD2.

It is not hype if this device is called a powerful one, with all both hardware and software within and plus pased on Windows Mobile 6.5. So, it is not surprised if someone still put their attention to hack the device to make it the most.

In this post I would like to put across the steps to dual boot your HTC HD 2, follow the following steps:

1. Save your Android OS on the SD Card of your HTC HD 2.
2. Now download RunDroid, as launch it file manager via Windows Mobile.
3. Set RundDroid on this mode: Autorun.
4. Now each time you boot your device, it will display "Boot Selection" menu to choose between Android or Windows Mobile.
5. Done.

See you again!


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