Saturday, January 7, 2012

BackUp Or Transfer iPad Data, Music, Application To iPad 2

Today I would like to share a useful tips, I consider it is, to backup iPad data to iPad 2. Or precisely transferring all your applications, musics, contacts from the iPad to iPad 2. So if you don't know how to do it, this will be a short trip to do so.

After you have the shinny and fresh iPad 2, one thing that comes in your mind is how to bring those installed applications, musics from your iPad to iPad 2, of course you don't want to lose them as they all are awesome and still worth keeping and using.

How To Backup iPad Data: Music, Contacts, Applications to iPad 2

Step 1: Launch iTunes, and then connect your first generation of iPad to your PC or Mac. This way, the iTunes will immediately detect your iPad connection. And then iTunes will add Device line to which your device name appears which is iPad in the left bar.

Step 2: Now right click on your device name: iPad, and then click on Backup. This will backup all your iPad data -- including music, applications and etc to iTunes. Once the backing up process done. Unplug your iPad from your computer.

Step 3: Now plug your iPad 2 to computer. iTunes will detect your device again, then right-click on iPad 2 under Device menu. And then choose “Restore from the backup of” option and choose iPad backup you've done in the step 2 in the dropdown menu.

Finish and now you have backup iPad data to iPad 2.


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