Thursday, December 29, 2011

SiriPrefs, Controlling Apps And Settings With Siri

Jailbreak your iPhone and open the treasures hidden if yours not-jailbroke yet (jailbreak it using Corona). Like this treasure, albeit not released yet, the SiriPrefs that uses Siri in managing your iPhone's apps. It is already demoed in Video and uploaded in Youtube.

SiriPrefs is a Siri tweak, just like others to bring Siri-like and or functionality to older models of A5 devices. So far, all the results presented on our tables are satisfying and also not too bad.

Just like this SiriPrefs, it takes an SBSsettings like integration and the tweak is using the Bing Microsoft search -- as the man on the video keeps repeating Bing at the first word when dictating his words.

SiriPrefs offers to you Siri way to open any apps installed on your device or references in using Bing however to do so, you've got to firstly launched Safari.


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