Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bring Airplay Functionality To Google TV With AirTight Android App

Do you want AirPly on your Google TV? If your answer is Yes, then Airtight will hand to you Airplay functionality. With this app, you now able to use your Tv to stream pictures and videos from iOS devices like iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

However the Airtight is still in the early stages of release, so expect bugs. Like no support for music yet, and all movies under DRM protection can be displayed also not compatible with mirroring. But I am sure, it will likely be a lot better in the next upgrade.

But for you to know, users testimonies who have bought this app $0.99 mostly are satisfied. Are you interested to brings Airplay functionality to your Google Tv? Then buy Airtight in Android market then.


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