Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Siri-Like App, ESRA For Jailbreak iPhone

Since the Day Siri was widely known along with the release of the iPhone 4s, people with the A4 devices in hands are expecting Apple to bring this intelligent app to their handset. And our hope seemed to come true after the rumor emerged that Apple was reported to had tested Siri on the iPhone 4G , which raised a speculation the company will be making the Siri available for the older device, unfortunately Apple dismissed the speculation.

However it's not extinguished the fire, all of the sudden a hacker, Ryan Petrich, successfully run Siri on iPhone 3Gs and posted a demo video in Youtube, but people tend to doubt it really is a 3Gs.

We are still and continually presented with the tweaks, and the techniques to get this voice assistant app to the devices older than A5-powered phone, the recent attempt was a SiriOus from Cydia. So far, YES! We get the intelligent software assistant like Siri. Some of us are satisfied, the rest keep tweaking.

Now we are offered with another feature-packed Siri-like personal assistant, that is recently introduced in Cydia, ESRA, Experimental Speech Response Application. The abbreviation is quite self-explanatory. In other words don't expect too much from this app, let alone bringing the magical assistants Siri offers. But it is understandable due to its early development and it would be unfair to compare this Cydia tweak with the full-fledged Siri.

ESRA is developed by Guillermo Moran and is actively updating it on-the-go. It may have several issues to begin with depending upon various factors including server load, libraries etc. Guillermo Moran is the ESRA developer and currently working of his best to improve his project to be the most of it. And can be a good start to be a Siri alternative on the store.

ESRA Siri Like App Cydia

ESRA features:
  • Voice Recognition
  • Speech
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Siri-like User Interface
  • and more!
As I said don't expect too much for the current version, however things will be in the amazing stage once the developer comes out with the upcoming versions. Interested to give ESRA a try? You can head to Cydia, under the BigBoss repo you will find ESRA. But of course jailbreak your device first before it.


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