Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Of Dag Kittlaus, Man Who Sold Siri To Apple

Do you want to know how the look of the Dag Kittlaus, a man who sold Siri to Apple? Well, it's your lucky day, if you have not seen this man face or look before, because I have his photo sitting in front of his house (probably).

In the photo he is smiling, yet smiling after he and his company received about $200 million for the sale of the voice control software who was originally created as an app in the iOS and was available in the App Store.

Photo Of Dag Kittlaus Man Who Sold Siri To Apple

More photos of Dag Kittlaus can be found here (Google Image)

The man's name is Dig Kittlaus, a Norwegian, an app developer for iOS Device. The Siri was firstly introduced and founded in 2007 and continued to success since then, until Steve Jobs himself contacted him personally for the the possible acquisition of Siri. And here is Dig Kittlaus reaction translated into English:

“Of course it was a great moment when Steve Jobs called and wanted to buy my company. It was surreal. When I heard that it was him, I knew we had made it big. In advance, we were pretty confident that the technology we had developed was so startling that we would get some kind of breakthrough. Steve was the first caller.”

Good job man for your work, albeit some people put to blame on him as the culprit for the delay release of iPhone 5, they think if it was not because Siri we would had iPhone 5 launched on the October, instead of iPhone 4s.


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