Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To Enable Panorama Camera Feature On Non-Jailbreak iPhone 4, 4s, iPad 2

Panorama Camera feature is one of the awesome apps found in the Code iOS 5, since then people try their luck to make this feature available to their device. We already heard about a Cydia tweak called Firebreak to enable Panorama Camera in Jailbroken iPhone and iPad or manually set to Yes ’EnableFirebreak’ in com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist.

Then How about non-jailbreak iPhones or iPads? Will they be able to have this feature too? Yes they can
Enable Panorama iOS 5 On Non-Jailbreak iPhone, iPad 2

Follow the following simple hack to enable Panorama mode to non-jailbreak iOs devices

1. Download the free trial of iBackupBot for Windows or Mac OS X. And then Install the app to your PC.
2. Secondly, don't forget to use iTunes to backup all your iOS device.
3. After the back up your files phase is completed. Launch iBackupBot. Go to Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist to open this file. If you use the iBackupBot in free trial version, you need to hit "cancel" after warning message and continue.
4. Place EnableFirebreak right below DiskSpaceWasLow and then save your edit by clicking the disk icon appears there. 
5. Exit out of iBackupBot and then you need to be restoring your iOS device in iTunes to the recent backup file you just edited.

Conguratulation you just enable Panorama Camera feature to your non-jailbreak iPhone 4, 4s and iPad 2.


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