Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give Blurry Background To iPhone Notification Center With BlurriedNCBackground Tweak

Well again Cydia saves an awesome tweak for iPhone or iDevices owners to use, namely BlurriedNCBackground. Installing and using this app, you can juggle your iPhone notification center interface to be cooler -- because BlurriedNCBackground will replace the native and default black background of notification center into blurry background.

Here is what BlurriedNCBackground tweak will give to your iPhone, closely look the following image:
BlurriedNCBackground To Blur Notification Center Of iPhone

You can find BlurriedNCBackground under BigBoss repo, and then install the tweak. There are three options is provided by this tweak, first one you will get the Gaussian Blur radius that give your number of blur effects you desire to be placed as the background of your iDevices's Notification Center and the second is the divide Raion and the third is asynchonous.


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