Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catch Your Jailbroken iPhone Thief With iCaughtU Pro

Cydia makes life easier for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, because in the black market app store you will find aplenty of app that are unapproved from the Apple app store, but those apps are as cool as approved apps -- even more. Anyway, in this post I would like to inform you about the app that can help you to catch the thief that have stolen your jailbroken iDevices, namely iCaughtU Pro.

It is right to say that this Cydia tweak is a magnificent anti-thief for your devices.

iCaughtU Pro Cydia Tweak Now
So what iCaughtU pro can do to you:
  • Whenever someone attempt to enter the password of your iPhone, and if they entered the wrong password, it will automatically take picture with Front Camera (if available)
  • And then save the taken pictures to Photo Library.( Anyway, you are allowed to set max numbers of attempts before this app takes picture)
  • You will be sent the location and time when sending emails.
  • iCaughtU pro can SMS you when the theft entered the wrong password for certain times. But this ability for iPhone only.
  • Supports AndroidLock XT.
However, iCaughtU Pro is not a free tweak, as its name suggests, it costs  of $2.50 and you can find it under BigBoss repository.

Well $2.50 means nothing compared with what this tweaks offers to you and guard the security of your iDevice, am I right?


Is there anyway to get this app for a phone that is not jail broken?

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