Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Create Virtual RAM Disk In Mac Computer

There are two ways to create a RAM disk for Mac OS, one by manually and other using a tool called TmpDisk. Both of them can quickly create a RAM disk, but TmpDisk makes the process more simple. With TmpDisk you can create a virtual disk quickly on any size and anywhere on a menu bar item used by this app.
TmpDisk To Create Virtual RAM Disk In Mac
TmpDisk is an open source and you can place the tool on this path /Applications/folder and then launch it to make the little disk icon appears on menu bar, then hit on that icon and continue your step by selecting "New TmpDisk", sizing the disk, and aha! You just created a RAM disk without hassle for your Mac desktop!

Fortunately the RAM disk created by TmpDisk is temporary, which means all the files stored inside your created RAM disk will be automatically and permanently deleted once it's ejected from your machine or your computer is shutdown.

Therefore it's recommended to store only the files you regard are less important and not intend to be placed in your disk permanently such as:
  • Saving large files such as photos while editing
  • Downloading and extracting zip files
  • Storing of temporary logs and files
  • Easily cleaning up tmp files
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