Thursday, November 24, 2011

BR CameraMOD For HTC Sensation Phone

BR CameraMOD For HTC Sensation Phone. Device owners also want to increase the power and quality of their mobile devices, HTC sensation herdsmen too. Lucky you because there is a mod, namely BR CamerMOd to increase the powers of your camera and the quality of video up to 1080p @40mbps.
BR CameraMOD

And If you never heard about BR CamerMod, this is your lucky, because you are going to like it. Here is the improvements added for the ROM's type:

CyanogenMod ROM´s
  • Gives you better quality for image ( compression set to 0% )
  • Higher bitrate values 8mbps up to 20mbps only HD working. ( 1080 not working due kernel or system ). 
  • Better FPS. Boost of 80MB.
Sense 3.5 ROM´s 
  • Better image quality ( compression set to 0% ). 
  • Higher bitrate values ( 10mbps up to 40mbps practically BluRay DVD quality in terms of bitrate ). 
  • Generally increased FPS stability, and camera performance. 
  • Boost of 80MB.
One who develops this mod is XDA-Developers forum, named ErosizeD and he forewarns for you to be carefully to do the job to avoid unwanted result. But again, don't worry this mod won't break your device. But be sure to firstly known the type of rom you are using. Because there are two roms that is compatible with this Mod -- CynogenMod ROM's and Sense 3.5 ROM's -- as I mentioned earlier.

Again, remember of the ROMS are different so be sure you know what type ROM you use. And then proceed to the download links in the XDA-Dev Forum below:

XDA-Dev Forum


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