Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Add Beautiful Icons To Non-Jailbreak iPhone

Do you want to have beautiful icons designs on your un-jailbroken iDevices similar like SBSettings environment offers to jailbreak devices? Well your wish comes true, because guys at Razorianfly have teamed up with a creative designer, Jeff Broderick to present to you number of awesome and eye-catching setting icons to adorn your iPhone home screen. It reminds us the App Icon Project who is able to create shortcut icons for non-jailbreak iPhone 4s.

Here is the example :

Beautiful ICONS For iPhone Home Screen

To have these icons added to your iPhone home screen, using your device visit this url adress: Then a new page will appear displaying all the icons and shortcuts which are compiled neatly. Simply tap on the icon you like and then copy it into your device's home screen.

Unfortunately you will not find lot of options, since currently the developers only provide 11 icons available, but not to worry I believe they will add more soon the demand increases.


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