Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BlackBerry Colt Specifications (Rumor)

Want to know on what's the specification of BlackBerry Colt would have? The recent rumor of this BBX platform based superphone appeared recently, and it's said that BBX platform is the new name QNX and chosen to be the operating system for this upcoming Blackberry smartphone. For refreshing purpose, QNX is used as the OS for the Blackberry Plabook tablet.

BlackBerry Colt

And as for the processor BlackBerry Colt is going to use a single-core 1.2GHZ and a 4-inch high resolution display. And have a similar stainless steel bezel like Bold 9900 have. And under the screen display you will find a gesture area not the physical buttons. If this rumor is true means we will have a similar gesture area that perform similar with the unsuccessful webOS devices like the HP Pre3? If it has the same “card” multi-tasking that was found on the PlayBook, then perhaps that won’t be the last comparison we make between BBX and webOS.

It is believed that RIM is aiming for an early 2012 release for their first wave of BBX-powered devices. But remember we can not guarantee that the rumor on this page is 100% correct. Via: n4BB.


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