Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Download Winamp For Android Phones (Winamp 5.6 For OS Android 2.1)

In case you are wondering where is Winamp app for your Android phone, then your curiosity should stop here. Because this official Nullsoft music media player who has been Windows-based PCs good friend for quite long has landed to Android phone.

The version of this release is 5.6 and works with Android 2.1 or higher. What Winamp 5.6 for Android offers you the ability to wirelessy sync your music library over Wi-Fi, streaming media from a connected device without involving media transfer to the local library, Playlist & play queue management in hand and many more.

It's still in beta stage, which means still take more improvements thus it's no surprise finding there is no 10-band graphic equalizer in this release. But worry not, soon after it's assigned to the final release we'll see all Winamp regular features on it.

Download Winamp 5.6 and how to setup Wi-Fi syncfor Android Phones?

1) Download Winamp 5.6 for your PC.
2) Download Winamp for Android for your device (or scan the above QR code).
3) Use standard USB or Wi-Fi sync to move your music library to your device

To setup Wi-Fi Sync use the on device Help (Launch Winamp for Android >> Winamp Home screen >> Menu button (hard button) >> "Settings" >>"Winamp Help")

Winamp For Android 2.1 Phone
Winamp For Android 2.1 Phone



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