Thursday, November 4, 2010

SkyFire Mobile Browser Brings Adobe Flash Supported To iPhone And iPad

SkyFire mobile browser brings Adobe Flash supported to iPhone and iPad users, because the browser is approved by Apple to run on their iOS. Just for the information, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS users have been using this mobile browser and now iDevices users will have the same joy too.

According schedule SkyFire 2.0 will be listed on the Apple store this week and ready to download, but it's not a free, you need to spend $2.99 to get this Flash-to-HTML5 support browser.
SkyFire 2.0 Mobile Browser

Unfortunately, not all the websites can be reached by SkyFire, for example Flash games and Hulu video are out from its list of websites. But there is an option of accessing them with $10 monthly.



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