Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jailbreak Windows Phone 7 With ChevronWP7 [Guide]

In the previous post, I promote ChevronWP7 to jailbreak your Windows Phone 7 phone so it can install any apps outside Windows Phone 7 official marketplace. That's a good news considering to have any alternative market is always nice so we have a lot of options.

And according the ChevronWP7 creators and developers, using ChevronWP7 is safe and won't harm your device. So in this post, I would like to share a guide to jailbreak your Windows Phone 7 with ChevronWP7:
  • Download ChevronWP7. (You need to have Windows Vista, XP SP2, or Windows 7)
  • Start the app and a window appears, showing two items on a “Preparation Checklist” with checkboxes next to them.Windows Phone 7 ChevronWP7
  • Read these and complete them:
    • “ensure your phone isn’t PIN-locked”
    • “install certificate on phone using IE at”.
  • Afterward, check checkboxes, to continue unlocking
  • Done


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