Sunday, November 28, 2010

Download ChevronWP7 To Jailbreak Windows Phone 7 And Install Apps Outside Windows MarketPlace

Did you know that your Windows Phone 7 can be jailbreak? Yes, it's not only iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is jailbreakable, Windows Phone 7 too using an app called ChevRonWP7 created by 3 Windows enthusiasts: Long Zheng, Rafael Rivera and Chris Walsh.
Windows Phone 7 ChevronWP7

ChevronWP7 will make your WP 7 phone able to load any unapproved apps or apps that are not listed in marketplace, it is similar like a jailbreak iPhone to install apps within Cydia app store.

But the only problem is, there is no alternative black market yet to distribute apps outside the official WP 7 marketplace, thus jailbreaking your phone is not going benefit you much currently. But surely this is not going to be a permanent situation, soon after genius developers come together to build and launch a Cydia version for Windows Phone 7 and fill it with jailbreak apps you are wanting them to be installed in your phone, you will be feeling lucky to have this app.

ChevronWP7 can be downloaded via these links:


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