Saturday, October 23, 2010

Want to Pligg External Vote Button (EVB)? Donate Then!

You want to Pligg External Vote Button or Pligg EVB for your Pligg site? Then donate to the developers who work awesomely to maintain and develop the CMS for us to use. Beside, it's something that we (Pligg site owners) always wanted, is not it?

The reason behind donating is to release the EVB for public, the rule is: If donation from all members reach to $200 at the October, 29th, then Pligg EVB feature will be released for free. And if on that date, the donation amount less than $200, the EVB feature will be placed in Pligg Pro Shop, in other words, will be put on sale. And the External Vote Button is currently being held hostage!

Pligg External Vote Button Taken Hostage
Thus it If you want this most awaited feature free for public, then send your donation - $10 at minimum. Don't worry, as a donator you will still get this feature free - regardless the total donation amount does not reach $200 at October, 29th - it's the token of Pligg's developer thankful for your donation. Read more on Pligg site!


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