Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's Fool iTunes With Firmware Changer App

Aha let's play with Apple's product, precisely iTunes, let's fool him. Yes, you can fool iTunes using Firmware Changer app to make him think you are on the certain iOS version, while in the reality you are not. Firmware Changer will mask your current iOS version and send to the iTunes with different iOS version (version you pick). Let's say you are now using iOS 4.0 and want to download certain apps that only for iOS 4.1 firmware, and at the same time, you can not update to the newest version for certain reasons, then don't worry Firmware Changer will be taking care this problem.

Firmware Changer App
Remember guys! Firmware Changer app will not upgrade your iOS, it's only saying to iTunes: "Hei this guy is using iOS 4.1 so let him in!" As I said earlier its main purpose to fool iTunes to think your device using the latest iOS version. So you won't lose jailbreak and unlock abilities.

So you won't be bothered by iTunes update notification or asking you for installing apps that work with iOS 4.1 only. Firmware Changer is a jailbreak app which means to use it and make it works, your iPhone must already been jailbreak first (you can use jailbreak tools like Greenpois0n, Limera1n or the PwnageTool to those also rely on Unlock).

You can get Firmware changer app in Cydia under ModMyi repo.


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