Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jailbreak PlayStation 3 Using Android Phone

Jailbreak PlayStation 3 Using Android Phone? It is not a joke, albeit when the first time I knew about it few days ago I thought it was. You can jailbreak PlayStation 3 (PS3) using the Android iPhone with the help of PSFreedom file. With Android-phone based, such as Google Nexus one or HTC Desire you have the first requirement needed to jailbreak your PS 3.

Jailbreak PlayStation 3 (PS3) Using Android Phone

How to Jailbreak PlayStation 3 Using Android Phone:

  • Get the PSFreedom file here and then extract it when it's downloaded to your system.
  • On your phone memory card, place a file named N1-CM6-PSFreedom.tar.gz
  • One more download, download flashable boot.img
  • Enter Recovery mode and flash the file named
  • Restart your the device
  • In this phase, you need to use the Terminal Emulator, type the following:

    1. cd sdcard
    2. su
    3. insmod psfreedom.ko
  • You need to turn your PS3 Slim off now by killing power at the power socket and connect your Android mobile via USB.
  • Turn on PS3 by pressing power and eject button respectively in quick succession.
  • At this stage, you will see the following line: “Install Package files” in the PS3 XMB menu
  • Congratulation! You have a jailbroken PS3 now.
Now how about to make our phone to the previous state?

Download this file named and flash into this file by going to recovery mode.

Do the above tutorial at your own risks. I am not going to responsible for any damages and/or destroy your device/phone, PS3, or any other electronic device used in the attempt to follow the above tutorial


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