Thursday, June 21, 2012

Backup iOS Device To Computer When Running Out Of iCloud Space

Surely 5 GB free given by Apple on iCloud is not enough, as time goes on, our iPhone's files that are stored there will exceeded the 5 GB storage capacity. In that case we are running out of iCloud storage space and unable to back up with iCloud anymore.

iCloudAnd if you are facing this situation, you can do the following two methods to fix the problem.

First method: Do manually to backup your files. Like deleting certain of apps on iCloud backup. And use your device to do so.

And the second is by making a backup of your iPhone's data to computer for the future usage. And here is how to do it.
  • Connect iOS devices of yours to computer viaUSB Cable.
  • Open iTunes, then scroll down.
  • In the summary tab, check the “Backup to this computer” just below the Backup to iCloud.
  • Backup
  • Once you checked the option, continue your step with click on Apply for it to back up your iOS device to the computer.
  • Look at the iTunes's left side to right-click on your Device and then choose Backup Now.
  • Navigate to this: Settings > iCloud to turn Apps off
The second method is used when your iCloud capacity runs out or unable to access to the internet. Therefore if you have get rid off the two problems, be sure to set the settings back like before which is Back up to iCloud. Or else, your iOS device will continue ask you to back up to local computer instead of iCloud.


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