Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why You Need To Jailbreak iPhone? Here Are 100 Reasons To Jailbreak iPhone

Do you own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and love your iOS devices so much? But a friend besides you love his device more than you love yours, because his device is jailbroken therefore it does more than yours do, that's why his loves is double than yours. You end up thinking to jailbreak your device, but in doubt whether jailbreaking will benefit you -- it will trust me -- so you need more undeniable and accurate reasons to convince you.

If this matter of reasons to change your mind, then I have a hundred for you, you can even watch those reasons on the video and thanks to Canadians from JailBreakMatrix.Com who created this video -- come join the fun guys! Let's watch it is a good video and the music is ears-friendly too.

iPhone will be iPhone, jailbreak it, then you have taken your iPhone into the upper level!

And see you again.


I just unlocked my iPhone and used the software to jailbreak it, too. Now that it is jailbroken, I can tether my iPhone and use it as a mobile hotspot for FREE. It was really easy, took a few minutes, is 100% reversible at any time, and very cheap. Check it out --> http://unlockeveryiphone.webs.com

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