Sunday, April 15, 2012

Install Android ICS-Style Settings Menu For XPERIA 2011 GingerBread Based ROM

We already know what ICS can give to your device, but unfortunately will our device supports the mobile OS? That's question probably is in your mind too. Like the owners of Sony Xpria are hoping the ICS update will arrive to them. But according to report I have read not all of the 2011 Xperia owners are getting the ICS.

Thankfully there is someone who thinks about that, a XDA forum member, namely iiandskater comes out with a mod that can be used to arrange the settings menu on Gingerbread ROMs to match with the ICS settings menu's feel and style. It's cool and it works amazingly well.

ICS-Style Settings

The developer stored the mod in extension, which you can flash it in a custom recovery. But this mod is a first release, so expect some bugs within. Here are the bugs you will find:

  • Voice Input will force close, 
  • a couple of menu items take users to the same location, 
  • and there is no data usage menu.

But don't worry the developer has promised in the next version, you will not find those bugs again plus data usage menu will be included. And this mod supports all XPERIA 2011 phone running on GingerBread based ROM for stock or modified version. Awesome right?

Interested? You can head to the original thread to download and learn it.

Hope this post helps and see you again in another posts!


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