Thursday, April 5, 2012

How To Set Video Youtube To Be Ringtone For iPhone

How to set video Youtube to be ringtone for iPhone. There is a Cydia tweak that allow you to set Youtube video to be your iPhone ringtones, the tweak I am talking about is Vuziq that is supporting iOS 5.0 and higher.

With Vuziq you can have video ringtones for your iPhone and set the video rigntone for both your individual contacts or all contacts, the choice is yours to take. If you are interested to have video ringtones for your contacts in your iOS device you can grab and install Vuziq from Cydia, once you launch Cydia then search for VUZIQ and then install the tweak.

After Vuziq is installed on your device, then launch it and then go to the download tab, continued with search the video you wish to set for contact ringtone. After your found the right video, then select download (not preview) in order to download the video by clicking the download option.


Go to the video calls tab after the video is downloaded, and then tap on the switch next to the video. You now see the option to set in where part of the video to be the starter for your ringtone. And end the step by hitting the Save button.


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