Saturday, March 24, 2012

Springtomize 2 1.2-5 To Customizes iPhone Springboard For iOS 4.O Till 5.1

Want to customize your iPhone home screen (Springboard) to be like what you want? You can try Springtomize 2 1.2-5, a Cydia tweak which recently released. With Springtomize 2 1.2-5 you are given an ability to customize and do many things to your device.

For example, in case you have unused element which effect to your device performance, then you can disable them. Also ability to customize icon look, folder, dock, Status Bar and Locksreen.

Beside of the above mentioned abilities, there is also an option to save your Springboard layout and measuring the brightness of your wallpaper. One more thing, if you want transparency for your icons you can make your icons become transparent also re-sizing your them with Springtomize 2 1.2-5.

Here is additional features of Springtomize 2 1.2-5
  • Documentation
  • Apply custom color inside apps
  • Adjust the brightness with volume buttons
  • Battery theming
  • Landscape/portrait options for icons
  • Added support for iOS 5.1
If you familiar with Android Launcher, then this tweak can do the same like the Android app, which is to delete applications you don't use by simply dragging the icon to the trash can and then delete it.

Android Delete

To have Springtomize 2 1.2-5 installed your device must be running at least iOS 4.0 and higher -- it also supports iOS 5.1 firmware -- it's safe to say this tweak supports all the iOS from 4.0 till 5.1.

Here are Springtomize 2 1.2-5 screenshots.

Springtomize 2 1.2-5 Screenshot

Springtomize 2 1.2-5 Settings

Springtomize 2 1.2-5 tweak is developed by Filippo Biga and currently available in Cydia under BigBoss Repository if you are interested to install it.

Anyway since it is a jailbreak tweak, especially for iOS 5.1 device, you need to firstly jailbreak it. Don't worry you can follow the following tutorials to do so with Redsn0w 0.9.10b6.


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