Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ask Siri For iPhone Battery Life Using BatteryLevelAE

If you want to ask Siri about how much talk time do you have, standby time do you have or any questions related to your iPhone battery life, then there is an Addon for your questions, named BatteryLevelAE which available in Cydia and its price is $1.00. Your question will be answered through a rough estimate based on your iPhone battery life conditions or Apple official stats.

You can get BatteryLevelAE by launching Cydia and search this Addon, or go to Sections > Addons (Siri) and then BatteryLevelAE to begin the installation process.


There are two payment methods you can use to buy this Addon, by using Paypal or Amazon from the Cydia Store purchase system. After BatteryLevelAE is installed on your device it will be integrated to Siri, enable it from Settings and no settings is provided.

Hope this post helps you and see you in the next posts.


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