Sunday, February 26, 2012

Root Samsung Galaxy Note Without Increasing Flash Counter

If you want to know the how to root your Galaxy Note without increasing the flash counter then you can follow the information I share in this post.

As we already that the previous rooting method over Galaxy noted released by Da_G, XDA Senior Moderator was brilliant, but unfortunately the method caused the increase of the flash counter.

And therefore a workaround is created to deal with the situation, thankfully it's released already, a XDA member namely Mashi launched an Odin-Flashable root method that is designed for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note, and of course this one will not raise flash counter.

Root Samsung Galaxy Note Without Flash Counter

I believe you will find this method tempting and want to apply to root your Galaxy Note. But firstly you firstly got ahold of the .tar file. And if you only able to get a hold of the stock, you can follow the steps elaborated by Da_G.

After you have managed to get ahold of the .tar file, you can continue to flash it via Odin. Then here is a the original thread contains the download link to root your Galaxy Notes without increase your flash counter.

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