Friday, January 6, 2012

Pod2G Forms A Dream Team For A5 Research

In the quest of finding the exploitable vulnerability on A5 devices in order to deploy the Corona files on those devices, Pod2G is finally released he couldn't make it alone (why? read Pod2g FAQ post).

He needs a team to work together side by side for the A5 research and to finally bring the A5 untethered jailbreak for public release.

Pod2G Dream Team

Yes my friends Pod2G has a team now, a recent post of his blog is announcing that. He has selected and sorted out few people among other legends and genius from jailbreak community to be his partners. And those lucky guys are -- already known of course:

  • @planetbeing, iPhone hacker legend who is responsible for iPhone Linux JB.
  • @MuscleNerd, the leader of the iPhone Dev Team.
  • @p0sixninja, the leader of the Chronic Dev Team

This is a good light in our long tunnel of waiting. Let's hope for the best and support them and be patient this job ain't easy! Before start insulting the guy, remember he had given you A4 untethered jailbreak for free.


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