Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lines Outside The Apple Store In Beijing Turned Into Riot (Video)

Guess what iPhone 4s launch in China turned to be uncontrollable riot. Fight between scalper occurred and the SWAT team -- my God they brought this team -- were sent to the Apple's flagship store in Beijing in order to control the situation.

After hours lining up to get their hands of A5 device in Beijing Sanlitun district, frustration approaching toward the people there.

Their frustration and desperation transformed into anger, then fight was broken between scalpers gangs.

When the Apple's flaghship decided to canceled the iPhone 4s's launch, scalpers are pissed. According M.I.C Gadget, most of the people who lined up at the Apple stores are scalpers, they were organized into various team of 30 or 50 people of each.
Riot In Apple Flagship Store

At 7 o'clock the store is not opened yet, they were frustrated and became irate, finally thew profanities remarks at Apple, raining the store with eggs, and they also beat up security and threat the police officers.

Here is a video of the riot on the Apple Flagship in Beijing Sanlitun district.

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