Thursday, January 19, 2012

Download iTunes 10.5.3 With iBooks 2 Textbook Sync

Apple has pushed iTunes 10.5.3 as this month update for iTunes, this version is bringing textbook syncing support for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Later you can sync between your iBooks textbooks to your iPad, and these Multi-Touch textbooks can be purchased via iTunes using the iBookstore or Mac with iBooks 2 included.

iBooks 2 with textbooks was originally designed for high school students to give them the instant access for books they need, and the authors of the books can update their book contents in the future, while the students can keep up with updates.

iTunes 10.5.3 file size is 102.15 MB for Mac OS, while for Windows 32-bit it's 66.11 MB, and 67.98 MB for 64-bit.

Download iTunes 10.5.3 for Windows or Mac OS X


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