Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Is Not Affiliated To CyanogenMod App

CynogenMod Logo
Cyanogen team decided to straightened the confusion for the sudden appearance of a domain name using their upcoming rooted theme market, CyanogenMod Apps store, the domain at hand is run by a guy who claims to be an Android fan decided to set a blog to covers any information related to CyanogenMod app store also reviewing the rooted apps.

But of course it can misleads people into thinking that's an authorized market that few days a go announced by Cyanogen Team. Therefore to kick out the confusion Cyanogen Team decided to Plus about it:
CyanogenMod Google Plus

The site is also using CynogenMod logo and brand. And the site also posted a notification that they are not affiliated to CyanogenMod nor they are endorsed by the team.

Via Talk Android.


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