Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Make Unsupported Android Device To Be Compatible With Android Apps

Tonight I would like to share a hack to fix the general problems on the Android community for not being able to install certain apps in the Android Market because their Android device is detected as the incompatible with the wished apps. Well, that's not really hurting, however, sometimes it is if the app is your most wanted.

And in this post I offer you workaround, which is to get yourself out from the said and inconvenient situation, the hack I mentioned on the first paragraph of this blog could be a working solution for you -- please not this hack is not working for everyone but works great to many other -- hope you are the lucky guy.

What we are going to do is modify the build.prop file within your device, to make it looks like the supported product on the eyes of Google server. If that's happening, then your device will be given an access to install the app. Let's get into the tutorial friends.

Disclaimer: I only share a hack I got from this link (Reddit), therefore I am not responsible for any damages might cause over your device after applying the hack. Simply there is no obligation whether to do or not to do the hack, the choice is yours to take, and at your own risk.

Hacks to install the unsupported Android app for your mobile device in the Android Market

1. Clear your data in the Market, by going to Settings > Applications > All > Market

2. Visit this link to download and install the file called ES File Explorer.

3. And open or launch the file. Enable the Root Explorer and so Mount File System. Find them in Settings > Root Settings.

4. Head to /system. Here you will see build.prop file. Before we do any alteration to the file, firstly back it up.

5. Tap on build.prop > ES Note Editor. Make the following changes to ro.product.model andro.product.manufacter:
ro.product.model = Nexus S

ro.product.manufacturer = samsung

6. After finished editing, you can continue the steps by hiting the menu and tap save.

7. Done! Now you can install the incompatible apps to your Android device model.


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