Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cydia Places iOS 5.0.1 SHSH Blobs Now

Have you visited the Cydia today? Something unusual appears on the top size of the site. And it's immediately seen once you are in there. Yes you are right, those are SHSH Blobs list has iOS 5.0.1 now, and of course it was not put there without a reason, so what's the reason of Saurik and his team placing it?

After doing a research I found no official explanation neither from Cydia itself or from Saurik, however I am confident enough to say that the SHSH Blobs listing get something to do with the upcoming A4 untethered userland jailbreak which already finished and handed to the Chronic Dev-team for testing purpose by Pod2G.

SHSH Blobs iOS 5.0.1 Shows On Cydia

Or for giving the access for iOS downgrading, just in case a user doing something accidental that put him on the upgrade trap. This could mean, from now and then, we can downgrade our iOS using Cydia server -- or at least at iOS 5.0.1 -- just like the old days when iOS 4 downgrading was around on Cydia.

With that thought in mind, then men behind Cydia are currently working for iOS 5 firmware downgrade to bring us the easier downgrade process with Cydia as the server.

However the listing must be put by a reason. Right?

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