Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Unlock iPhone 4s Without Jailbreak

There is a horrendous headline almost in every where concerning iPhone 4s can be unlocked without firstly jailbreak or using 3rd party adapters. Since the release of the unlocking iPhone 4s without jailbreak method, people have tried their hands to unlock their iOS device, however have come out with the conclusions:

  1. It's likely not working for the international iPhone 4s, but you are welcomed to try it.

  2. T-Mobile data plan is required.

  3. This unlock is not permanent unlock, you have to re-unlock your device every time restarting your device.

  4. Many say the method can be applied to iPhone 4 and 3GS too.

  5. NOT working. MuscleNerd confirms it. He says that ‘If you are successful at temporarily gaining network access, you’ll lose it as soon as TMSI is refreshed (happens often)’

How to unlock iPhone 4GS without jailbreak

Unlock iPhone 4s Without Jailbreak
Or if you have not owned an iPhone 4s yet, you can see the recent offer of the Apple US for the unlocked iPhone 4s.


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