Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Avoid iCloud Random Apple ID To Be Generated In iOS 5

iCloud was firstly introduced in the iOS 5 brings the ability to wireslessly restore and backup your iDevice data like Apps, Photo, Music, Contacts, etc. With iCloud, activities like backing and restoring iDevice contents can be done via iCloud Backup service. So you no longer need to use the general method using iTunes on your computer (Win or Mac).

Apple ID Generated By Restoring And Backup Data Using iCloud In iOS 5

However some people over Electronista recently reported a bug they found when trying to restore their device using iCloud backup, it generates Apple IDs on their iDevice -- not their own.

Apple's support forum is already notified with the bug, they have promised to work on this issue and the fix will be included in the upcoming iOS 5.0.2 -- that is reported will not be released this week. A video demo of this bug has been posted in Youtube showing how Apple ID's generated and shown, albeit those ID's are not theirs.

Currently no fix to this issue, however Electronista suggests that you can avoid such condition simply by NOT restoring your Device data with iCloud backup service. And go back to the general restoring method using iTunes from your computer. Stick with this method you experience the same issue, until Apple comes up with iOS 5.0.2 to bring fix for this problem.


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