Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Apple Will Fix Your Damaged MagSafe Adapter And Refund Your Money

A happy news for those who have a damaged MagSafe adapter, because you will get MagSafe adapter fixed and refund too from Apple.

You are invited to contact Apple's institutions like their authorized Service Provider, or Apple's own technical support department. And not just that, if those places are too far from your home, you can contact the nearest Apple Store.

Damaged Apple MagSafe Adapter

As I mentioned earlier, aside getting your MagSafe adapter fixed, You will get refund too. The amount of money as refund is based on when did you buy the adapter. If you bought it last year you'll get $79.00, and it's $50.00 if you bought two years a go, and for three year old adapter, you'll get $35.

Do you like this policy? If that's so you can visit Apple official website for further information about this program.


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