Monday, November 8, 2010

FilmON: Watch Live Tv Streams From 25 Popular Tv Channels For Free

Now iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch users are able to watch live TV streams using FilmOn, and currently this service is free of charge. With FilmOn you will get the opportunity to bring the 25 popular TV channels such as BBC, NBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ITV and more. Albeit the service is free but it presents you a high-quality Tv streaming, to which you will likely be amazed and also some of the channels are available in HD.
FilmOn On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Another good news about FilmOn is to watch the TV stream, all you need is your iPhone mobile Safari, without needing to download an app.

You can visit FilmOn using your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone to start watching the TV streams. Or if you want to watch is using your computer, you are going to need to download the software first.


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