Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skype App For Android Phones Now Available

Skype app for Android Phones. There is no doubt that this web-based voice calling service, Skype wants to be on any mobile phones possible, Skype app can be found in all Apple's devices now the same name is available in Android phones. It's not surprising at all also a good news.
Skype App For Android Phones

The news about Skype app for Android was announced today via Skype official blog, they also elaborate about regulation and restrictions such as: Skype calls are free in a Wi-Fi zone and only be used in Wi-Fi in US, outside of this zone means you will be charged for data transfer

And Skype app can be downloaded from Android market or simply go this url: http://skype.com/, currently the app can be operated using Android 2.1 or higher since they have taken it into test and it worked. The company also reported this app is probably work on other Android phones, but there is no full guaranty for full compatibility or functionality.


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