Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ringbuilder App To Create Custom Ringtones For iPhone

Ringtones are something interesting to adorn our iPhone and iPod touch, though, to get them in need certain efforts, like the tutorials were posted by many blogs. But you can skip that - actually painless - process by using an app called, Ringbuilder. Ringbuilder will help you to create custom ringtone for iPhone or set up your iPhone rigntones.
Ringtone iPhone App Ringtones

You can simply pick up any fave songs of yours within your iPod and then put it to your library. The process is simply and fast, cause it takes only one click, thanks to Wi-Fi sync. Personalizing ringtones option is provided too, thus you can name your ringtones to make them easier to remember.

So, just listen what song you like, save 30 seconds of it, then your whole new and customized ringtone will be ready for your own use. And the good thing about Ringbuilder app is cheap, it costs $0.99 only.

To get the Ringbuilder app, you need to visit iTunes and then download it!

Requirements: iOS 4.0 or higher, iPhone and iPod touch!


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