Monday, October 18, 2010

Angry Birds Game For Android

If you are an iPhone owner, you likely know the Angry Birds game, since it's pretty popular app game. Now the same game is recently added to Android Market, which means now Android owner can have their hands on this addictive game. There is one more good news, the game is free to download and according to report there have been thousands of downloads occurred right after it's announced available for Android platform by Rovio - the Angry Bird developer.

Angry Birds Game Android App

The question now why Android Birds is free when it's certainly a moneymaker potential stream for the developer? According to the developer:

"We want to make Angry Birds available for as many people as possible. Previously, many people were experiencing problems in finding Angry Birds on Android Market, but now everybody can download the game on their device."

Sure it's free but of course there are adds on the game, but it's fine, the game is great.

You can grab Angry Birds via Android market or head to using your mobile browser. Or visit this link to download the app.


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