Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video iOS 4.2 Beta in Action On iPad

iOS 4.2 Beta has been released but not for public yet, unless you are a developer you can get your hand on this beta release and play with all the key features offered. But it's unfortunate, people have to wait until November for public release, thus hold your hand to have your iDevice feels the experience using iOS 4.2, especially iPad users who have been waiting to get "the multitasking" ability on their tablet who used to be called "the iPhone with a bigger screen" because of the lack of demanded features of a true tablet should have.

iPad Multitasking

iOS 4.2 brings dozens of wanted features for iPad, some of them are: The game center is included to the iPad home screen that is designed for multiplayer game matchmaking, also the folders function which is working nearly similar as it is on iPod touch and iPhone on iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.1

You can have Airprint, new iTunes features and AirPlay for your iPad, unfortunately Ping, the Apple social networking for Music is not yet supported.

Now your iPad with the aid of iOS 4.2 of course, can manages mails by thread via the the mail preference pane plus a universal mailbox.

Then how about Multitasking? It's not a secret anymore that among the entire iDevices available now, it's iPad who screams out for multitasking! It's ridiculous Apple didn't think it should have shipped with it at the first place! Thus, iOS 4.2 beta release comes out with the features that iPhone and iPod touch already enjoy, such as multitasking for iPad.

And here are the two video of iOS 4.2 beta in action on iPad showing multitasking, universal inbox, game center and more:

Via: App Advice Video and Endgadet.


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